> | November 3, 2021

Pilgrim’s Announces Recipients of Hometown Strong Funding in Gainesville, Ga.


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Pilgrim’s is providing an update on how its Hometown Strong funds are being invested in Gainesville, Ga., to support the community’s future. In September 2020, Pilgrim’s announced a $795,000 investment in the community.Through Pilgrim’s Hometown Strong initiative, the City of Gainesville received $785,000 to help fund the completion of the Highlands to Islands (H2i) Trail, a multi-use path that will connect several cities within Hall County, including Gainesville, Oakwood and Flowery Branch. As public usage of the trails increases, this connector will unify all paths through the system under one name. “The completion of the Gainesville Connector will provide invaluable recreational benefits for Gainesville and communities,” said Tom Sanders, Pilgrim’s Gainesville Complex Manager.