Arcadia Ambulance Service

Arcadia, Wisconsin

Pilgrim’s Gift to Fund New Building for Arcadia Ambulance Service

A Pilgrim’s gift of $20,000 has helped fund the construction and operation of a new building for the Arcadia Ambulance Service, bringing Pilgrim’s Arcadia’s total investment in the project to $50,000. The ambulance service provides emergency medical services to a population of approximately 8,000 and covers 480 square miles.

Partner: Arcadia Ambulance Service

Completion Date: Completed

Footprint in Arcadia

The Arcadia, Wis., facility is a two-shift operation with a production focus on Deli & Foodservice. The shipping department palletizes 16,000 cases of product per day.

Growers: 148
Payments to Growers: $1M+
Payroll Taxes: $1.7M+


Team Members

$ 19 M+


$ 3.8 M+