Beardstown City Entrances

Beardstown, Illinois

JBS Gift to Renovate City Signage

A JBS gift of $30,000 revitalized Beardstown entry points by installing new welcome signage. Previous entrance signs were outdated, crooked, dilapidated and in need of frequent repairs.

Partner: Beardstown Chamber of Commerce

Completion Date: Completed

Footprint in Beardstown

The JBS Pork facility in Beardstown, Ill., produces more than 7 million 8-ounce servings of pork per day and more than 1 billion pounds per year. Located in the heart of corn country, our centralized operations enable efficiency and quality for meeting customer needs.

Producers: 265
Payments to Producers: $810M+
Payroll Taxes: $7M+


Team Members

$ 100 M+


$ 7 M+