Beardstown Parks and Rec

Beardstown, Illinois

JBS USA Donation Brings Beardstown’s First Soccer Complex

JBS USA will fund the development of the community’s first soccer fields. Funding will pay for fields, concession stands, restrooms, lights, turf, appropriate fencing, scoreboard, ADA accessibility and more.

Partner: Beardstown Parks and Recreation

Target Completion Date: Q2 2021

Thanks to JBS for investing $2.5 million in the Beardstown community as part of their Hometown Strong Initiative. This funding will help respond to needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and strengthen Beardstown's future.

Representative Darin LaHood, 18th Congressional District


Footprint in Beardstown

The JBS Pork facility in Beardstown, Ill., produces more than 7 million 8-ounce servings of pork per day and more than 1 billion pounds per year. Located in the heart of corn country, our centralized operations enable efficiency and quality for meeting customer needs.

Producers: 265
Payments to Producers: $810M+
Payroll Taxes: $7M+


Team Members

$ 100 M+


$ 7 M+