Broadway & Timberville Parks Improvements

Broadway, Virginia

Pilgrim’s Gift Will Fund Improvement to Parks in Broadway, Timberville

In the Timberville community, $75,000 will help with construction and completion of the basketball court, pickleball court and complex building. In Broadway, the other $75,000 will be used on new playground equipment installed in lower Heritage Park, and the main park will receive updated equipment.

Partner: City of Broadway and City of Timberville
Target Completion Date: TBD

Footprint in Broadway

The Broadway fresh facility is located in the small town of Broadway, VA. The Broadway Complex processes on both first and second shifts.

Growers: 243
Payments to Growers: $28M+
Payroll Taxes: $2M+


Team Members

$ 29 M+


$ 7.3 M+