Bus Transportation

Carrollton, Georgia

Pilgrim’s Donation Will Provide Bus Transportation for Team Members, Community

This project will help establish a bush route for Pilgrim’s team members, many of whom currently walk or bike to work. In addition to the $90,500 gift to provide funding for buses, Pilgrim’s will also pay $35 a week per rider with minimum pay equal to 20 riders ($36,000) to supplement the cost of operating the buses. Rides will also be available to elderly and vulnerable population in the community to get to doctor appointments and the like.

Partner: Impact West Georgia
Completion Date: 2021

Footprint in Carrollton

The Carrollton, Ga., Complex consists of a two-shift poultry processing facility, truck shop, and local sales offices. In addition, our offsite locations consists of two hatcheries and a feed mill.

Growers: 83
Payments to Growers: $18M+
Payroll Taxes: $5.5M+


Team Members

$ 22 M+


$ 5 M+