Cactus Aquatic Center

Cactus, Texas

JBS USA Gift Will Support Construction of Cactus Aquatic Center

The Cactus Aquatic Center will include a variety of recreational activities, improving the quality of life for members of the community, and providing enhanced recruitment points for the city. JBS USA’s investment makes the company a contributing partner on the project, which has an overall budget of $2.75 million.

Partner: City of Cactus, Texas Parks & Wildlife
Completion Date: Completed

Moore County sends its heartfelt appreciation to JBS USA's leadership and employees for reinvesting in our communities through its Hometown Strong initiative. While many industries shied away from added financial investments during the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, JBS, through its collaboration with our counties and cities, has cultivated additional partnerships and friendships during unprecedented circumstances. For this, our county and our communities are most grateful.

Judge Rowdy Rhoades

Moore County, Texas

Project Images

Footprint in Cactus

The Cactus operation is a two-shift, beef processing facility and distribution center located in the panhandle of Texas. Cactus is a key beef export plant, exporting approximately 23% of production to different countries including Japan, Mexico and Chile.

Local / Area Producers: 50
Payments to Producers: $2B+
Payroll Taxes: $10M+


Team Members

$ 140 M+


$ 14 M+