Chattanooga Community Kitchen Remodel & Upgrade

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Pilgrim’s Investment Will Fund Remodel and Upgrade of Community Kitchen

Chattanooga Community Kitchen provided more than 175,000 meals in 2019 to individuals and families in need. This Pilgrim’s investment will enable the Community Kitchen to expand and add new and larger appliances that will increase the number of meals they can serve to hungry, homeless and vulnerable people in Chattanooga by 40 percent.

Partner: Chattanooga Community Kitchen
Target Completion Date: TBD

Footprint in Chattanooga

The Chattanooga complex located in Southeast Tennessee includes live operation, fresh plant, debone and further processing facilities.

Growers: 147
Payments to Growers: $25M+
Payroll Taxes: $3.4M+


Team Members

$ 45 M+


$ 7 M+