Community Development

Green Bay, Wisconsin

JBS USA Donations of Land, Funds Will Develop East Side Community

A JBS USA gift of $500,000, plus a donation of 25.5 acres of land valued at $331,500, will enable development of the East Side Community. The project will include a modern, artistically unique park space with multi-generational play equipment, a community garden and outdoor gathering space, and housing for JBS Green Bay team members and their families.

Partner: City of Green Bay
Completion Date: TBD

Footprint in Green Bay

JBS Green Bay is a one-shift beef processing plant located in southeast Green Bay, Wis. The plant has operated under the names Packerland, Smithfield and, most recently, JBS.

Local / Area Producers: 1100
Payments to Producers: $700M+
Payroll Taxes: $4M+


Team Members

$ 65 M+


$ 8 M+