CSYAA (Athletics Association of China Spring)

Waco, Texas

Pilgrim’s Investment Will Construct Practice, Competition Fields

This investment will enhance the CSYAA’s facility offerings by constructing three synthetic turf practice and competition fields, as well as expand and revamp the concession stands and bathroom facilities for the complex.

Partner: CSYAA of China Spring
Target Completion Date: March 2021

Since 1980, the China Spring Youth Athletic Association has been helping the youth of the Greater Waco Area have an outlet to play sports. Never in the history of our organization has any business shown such generosity. There is no way to quantify the tremendous impact this donation will have on our community. Pilgrim’s will forever hold a special place in the hearts of the people of China Spring and the Greater Waco Area.

Tommy Sutton, President, China Spring Youth Athletic Association

Waco, Texas

Project Images

Footprint in Waco

The Waco facility is a prepared foods plant that produces wings, fillets, nuggets and other prepared chicken products. Waco produces anywhere from 2.4 million pounds of product a week to nearly 3.1 million pounds, depending on volume and orders.

Product Mix: Wings, fillets, nuggets and other prepared chicken products
Pounds Processed Per Week: 1.8 Million Pounds Per Week
Payroll Taxes: $1.5M+


Team Members

$ 22 M+


$ 6.6 M+