Daycare Expansion

Moorefield , West Virginia

Pilgrim’s Gift to Fund Daycare Expansion

Teddy Bear Daycare, an established childcare facility in a neighboring town that has served the community for two decades, received $100,000 from Pilgrim’s to help fund the expansion of their services to a second location in Moorefield and support 60 to 75 children, including those of Pilgrim’s team members.

Partner: Teddy Bear Daycare

Completion Date: Spring 2022

Footprint in Moorefield

The Moorefield fresh facility is a two-shift processing / one-shift sanitation operation located on Main Street, in the heart of Moorefield, W.Va. Products include whole chicken (marinated and non-marinated), fast food cuts (marinated and non-marinated), boneless breast, parts and giblets. Moorefield’s Prepared Foods facility also produces breaded, marinated, barbecued or roasted cutlets and fillets, nuggets, strips, and more.

Growers: 126
Payments to Growers: $24M+
Payroll Taxes: $15.5M+


Team Members

$ 64 M+


$ 10.4 M+