Early Childhood Education Learning Center

Grand Island, Nebraska

JBS USA Donation Will Help Remodel Early Childhood Education Learning Center

JBS USA has donated $400,000 to remodel the Early Childhood Education Learning Center, which provides preschool education for more than 460 students, ages 3-4, more than 90 of whom are the children of JBS USA team members. Many of these students are high-risk in terms of learning abilities, but studies show that early intervention in learning disabilities has a high success rate for positive results. As of the 2020-21 school year, there was a 150-student waiting list for preschool in Grand Island. The Early Childhood Education Learning Center will be housed in a former Shopko department store building that is being converted. The center will also include a gymnasium and playground.

Partner: Grand Island Public Schools District

Completion Date: Completed

During the coronavirus pandemic, JBS USA has been a community partner and generously donated beef to local food banks and also provided leadership and innovation on worker safety and plant management. The Hometown Strong initiative continues JBS USA’s commitment to our community and our future, and we look forward to a wonderful community partnership.

Mayor Roger Steele

Grand Island, Nebraska

Footprint in Grand Island

The Grand Island operation is a two-shift, beef-processing facility located in central Nebraska that currently exports to 20 countries around the world, including Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Korea, Canada, Singapore, China and Chile.

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