Feed My People Food Bank

Arcadia, Wisconsin

Pilgrim’s Gift Will Provide Refrigerated Truck, Driver Services to Deliver Food

Feed My People is a distribution warehouse and food bank center that services 200+ local hunger relief programs across 14 surrounding counties in west central Wisconsin. The $160,000 investment from Pilgrim’s will provide a truck and driver to help transport food to the various hunger relief outlets.

Partner: Feed My People
Completion Date: Completed

Businesses like Pilgrim’s help make our community strong and serve as an economic engine in this region. The City of Arcadia recognizes the value Pilgrim’s brings each day as an employer, business supporter and charitable giver all while being one of the larger employers in the area, providing steady employment that allows our community members to grow and prosper.

Mayor Robert Reichwein

Arcadia, Wisconsin

Footprint in Arcadia

The Arcadia, Wis., facility is a two-shift operation with a production focus on Deli & Foodservice. The shipping department palletizes 16,000 cases of product per day.

Growers: 148
Payments to Growers: $1M+
Payroll Taxes: $1.7M+


Team Members

$ 19 M+


$ 3.8 M+