Greeley West High School

Greeley, Colorado

JBS USA Donation Supports Greeley West High School Ag Program

This investment will support the education of the next generation of agricultural ambassadors by providing monetary assistance to the Greeley West High School Ag Program for meat science equipment, FFA dues and other classroom supplies, as well as providing in-person classroom teachings conducted by JBS USA team members, virtual tours of facilities and summer internship opportunities.

Partner: Greeley West High School faculty & staff

Target Completion Date: Will be executed over three years

A hallmark of capitalism, at its best, is when businesses reinvest in the communities in which they do business. I appreciate the investment JBS is making in Greeley to not only benefit their employees but the community as a whole. I would also like to specifically thank the employees at JBS who have served to provide food for our nation.

Mayor John Gates

Greeley, Colorado

Footprint in Greeley

The Greeley operation is a two-shift, beef processing facility located on the east side of Greeley, Colo. Greeley is a key beef export plant, exporting approximately 30% of its production to 20 different countries around the world including Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Korea, China and Chile.

Local / Area Producers: 175
Payments to Producers: $2B+
Payroll Taxes: $11M+


Team Members

$ 158 M+


$ 10.5 M+