Hardy County CPR & Training Center

Moorefield, West Virginia

Pilgrim’s Donation Will Fund Defibrillator Upgrades In Public Areas

The Hardy County CPR & Training Center is a non-profit group that supplies resources to the Hardy County community. Current automatic external defibrillator (AED) devices are obsolete and expensive to maintain, but have been credited with saving four people’s lives. This Pilgrim’s gift will upgrade 40 AEDs in public places and buildings, including county parks, golf courses and other facilities that often host public gatherings.

Partner: Hardy County CPR & Training Center
Completion Date: Completed

Footprint in Moorefield

The Moorefield fresh facility is a two-shift processing / one-shift sanitation operation located on Main Street, in the heart of Moorefield, W.Va. Products include whole chicken (marinated and non-marinated), fast food cuts (marinated and non-marinated), boneless breast, parts and giblets. Moorefield’s Prepared Foods facility also produces breaded, marinated, barbecued or roasted cutlets and fillets, nuggets, strips, and more.

Growers: 126
Payments to Growers: $24M+
Payroll Taxes: $15.5M+


Team Members

$ 64 M+


$ 10.4 M+