Mayfield Independent Schools

Mayfield, Kentucky

Pilgrim’s Gift Will Help Provide Wi-Fi Services for 175 Households

As the global pandemic forced schools to close and students to use remote learning, the need for reliable internet access and wi-fi became more apparent. With this gift, Pilgrim’s, in conjunction with T-Mobile, will provide wi-fi access for 175 households. Pilgrim’s will also purchase Chromebooks for 150 students in kindergarten through fourth grade.

Partner: Mayfield Independent Schools
Target Completion Date: TBD

Footprint in Mayfield

The Mayfield complex began operations in 1990 as Seaboard Farms and was the first poultry processing plant in the state of Kentucky.

Growers: 235
Payments to Growers: $35M+
Payroll Taxes: $13M+


Team Members

$ 48 M+


$ 6 M+