Mobile STEM Explorer

Sumter, South Carolina

Pilgrim’s Gift Will Help Fund the Creation of Mobile STEM Explorer

The Sumter School District received $245,000 to fund the Pilgrim’s Mobile STEM Explorer, a refurbished activity bus, created to increase awareness and promotion of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.

Partner: Sumter School District
Completion Date: 2021

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to partner with Pilgrim’s to enhance learning opportunities for our students through a Mobile STEM Explorer,” said Dr. Penelope Martin-Knox, Sumter School District Superintendent. “Today's students will be the workforce of tomorrow. By investing in our students' education, the local community is essentially investing in itself to ensure its success for tomorrow.

Dr. Penelope Martin-Knox

Sumter School District Superintendent

Footprint in Sumter

The Sumter facility includes a fresh plant, feed mill, and hatchery. The facility was built in 1966 by Campbell Soup and became a Gold Kist plant in 1991. In 2006, the facility was acquired by Pilgrim's Pride and in 2009, Sumter joined the JBS USA family.

Growers: 99
Payments to Growers: $24.6M+
Payroll Taxes: $2.4M+


Team Members

$ 26.7 M+


$ 5.5 M+