PPE for Elberton Hospital Staff

Elberton, Georgia

Pilgrim’s Gift Will Provide PPE for Elberton Hospital Staff

This Pilgrim’s gift will help provide proper PPE for staff members at Elberton Hospital, whose budget was hit hard during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic as supply costs soared. This investment will also help with renovation of the main nurses’ station, patient registration area and ER nurse station by adding glass walls and doors to better protect staff.

Partner: Elberton Hospital
Target Completion Date: TBD

Elbert Memorial Hospital is truly honored to receive this amazing donation from Pilgrim’s. We are blessed to have such a great organization like Pilgrim’s that is willing to invest in the healthcare needs of our community.

Kerry Trapnell

CEO Elbert Memorial Hospital

Footprint in Elberton

The Elberton complex is a further processing plant and has a portioning line and an individually quick frozen (IQF) line. In 2009, Elberton joined the JBS USA family.

Product Mix: Individually quick-frozen chicken products
Pounds Processed Per Week: 1.3 Million Pounds Per Week
Payroll Taxes: $750,000+


Team Members

$ 12 M+


$ 5 M+