Revolving Housing Fund

Ottumwa, Iowa

JBS Establishes Revolving Housing Fund

JBS Ottumwa has established a Revolving Housing Fund of $440,000 to provide new homes to JBS team members in the community. All purchase costs from the sale of each home will be returned to the fund to allow for continuous development of more housing.

Partner: Rippling Waters Property Development, the City of Ottumwa, Area 15 Regional Planning Commission

Completion Date: Ongoing

Footprint in Ottumwa

The JBS Pork facility in Ottumwa, Iowa, produces more than 6 million 8-ounce servings of pork per day and more than 1 billion pounds per year. Products from the Ottumwa facility are sold to 26 global markets.

Producers: 1024
Payments to Producers: $800M+
Payroll Taxes: $10M+


Team Members

$ 125 M+


$ 12 M+