STEM Innovation Center Sponsorship

Green Bay, Wisconsin

JBS Gift to Fund Sponsorship of STEM Innovation Center

A JBS gift of $250,000 will fund the sponsorship of multiple educational resources at the Brown County STEM Innovation Center located on the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay campus. The Innovation Center currently serves as an epicenter for collaboration and innovation amongst the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) partners in the Green Bay community encouraging and engaging students interested in pursuing STEM education.

This sponsorship includes the Einstein Project’s STEM Expo and multiple pathways for hands-on learning experiences both virtually and through an onsite “Makerspace,” where visitors can collaborate to share tools, materials and expertise on a variety of STEM projects.

Partner: Brown County, the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay and The Einstein Project

Completion Date: Spring 2022

Footprint in Green Bay

JBS Green Bay is a one-shift beef processing plant located in southeast Green Bay, Wis. The plant has operated under the names Packerland, Smithfield and, most recently, JBS.

Local / Area Producers: 1100
Payments to Producers: $700M+
Payroll Taxes: $4M+


Team Members

$ 65 M+


$ 8 M+