University of Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky

JBS USA Donation Provides COVID Testing for University of Louisville Foundation

This investment will help provide COVID-19 testing to help ensure community well-being.

Partner: University of Louisville Health, University of Louisville

Target Completion Date: Ongoing

We appreciate JBS USA for being not only a responsible and caring employer, but also for being a good corporate citizen in Louisville. Whether it’s being our partner in economic development projects, working to be a good neighbor in our historic Butchertown neighborhood, or helping feed people in need, JBS strives to make our community better. The Hometown Strong program is yet another example of the company’s concern and compassion.

Mayor Greg Fischer

Louisville, Kentucky

Footprint in Louisville

The Louisville plant is a single-shift pork processing facility located on the north central border near the Ohio River on the western side of Kentucky. Louisville exports to multiple countries around the world.

Producers: 275
Payments to Producers: $360M+
Payroll Taxes: $4M+


Team Members

$ 60 M+


$ 7 M+