Utley Park Renovations

Cactus, Texas

JBS Gift to Renovate Utley Park in Dumas

A JBS gift of $202,000 will support renovations to Utley Park in Dumas, including the improvement and addition of soccer fields, to provide a safe, modern recreational space for families in the area.

Partner: City of Dumas
Completion Date: Summer 2022

Project Images

Footprint in Cactus

The Cactus operation is a two-shift, beef processing facility and distribution center located in the panhandle of Texas. Cactus is a key beef export plant, exporting approximately 23% of production to different countries including Japan, Mexico and Chile.

Local / Area Producers: 50
Payments to Producers: $2B+
Payroll Taxes: $10M+


Team Members

$ 140 M+


$ 14 M+